Since we have received many questions recently about our site, I'll answer a few here as best I can:

1. If you know of a Citizen Journalist/Live Streamer, or if you are one, Please send us a Tweet with your UStream, LiveStream, or Bambuser Username or URL. We are unable to add channels from because has not provided public access to stream status on that site.
As a general rule, we do not add streams which re-stream other streams. Those that we have added have been confirmed to have permission from the livestreamers they are re-streaming.

2. We are not an organization. We are just sharing a tool which we have built to help us watch live events around the world. We believe in sharing.

3. We are not affiliated with ANY group or movement.

4. We actively maintain which streams are kept on our list, trying to keep the best and most relevant streams. We do this at our discretion. We generally remove streams which have gone stale, not streaming for 6+ months. This is due to limitations in the size of the list when checking statuses. It already takes the service 5 minutes to check status for the entire list.

5. We follow our Twitter Account, so feel free to recommend a stream to us on Twitter.

6. We have had some ups and downs financially, but have done our best to keep the site up. As of now, the site has generated $6 in donations, which we have decided not to use and instead forward to a live-streamer. Ultimately, we decided it was wrong for us to ask for donations when the live-streamers risk so much.

7. Since this entire endeavor has been out of pocket, and we have had to move up in bandwith and server resources due to volume, this has cost us almost $2,000 over the course of 2+ years. This has come entirely out of pocket, as stated above. That being said, if you feel the need to attack us because you disagree with us, please keep in mind that we are people too, and have absolutely zero PR experience. Quite simply, we're doing our best to help everyone while keeping our own integrity.

8. What happened to the possibility of future streaming services? Streaming services are extremely expensive. While we were able to get streaming to function from a technical standpoint, we have not finished working out how to organize or finance the service. If you have some experience in software or media services, and are interested in being part of it, please contact us.

We are providing this as a free service to those who, like ouselves, enjoy watching unbiased, live media covering events around the world. We are based in the United States, but try to include events in every country we can. We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse any movement, group or idea. Please enjoy the site and Support the Streamers who work so hard and risk so much to bring us raw, unedited news media.

Site Administrators:   

We have included ads on this site to help fund the hosting. If you'd like to help, please donate directly to the streamers on their respective sites. Thank you.

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